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“Translation is not a matter of words only; it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture.”
Anthony Burgess


Accurate Translation Services

For centuries, translators have served as bridges across cultures to transmit knowledge, ideas and values.

At Art One Translations, we believe that translation is an art. Accurate translation requires a keen understanding of language and terminology, as well as top-notch writing skills. We guarantee prompt and accurate translations. Our team of language experts will help you to achieve cross-product and cross-language consistency to make sure that your translated text will read as naturally as text written by a native speaker of the language into which it is being translated. Our translators have an excellent grasp of the source languages in which they work, have experience in the specific subject matter of their translations, and are skillful writers in their target language, as it is their mother tongue. Our translators are, moreover, experts in two realms: they are bilingual and bicultural.

Art One Translations provides consistent, reliable, precise translation services. It is these qualities, in addition to our commitment to cross-cultural understanding, which make us the company of choice for businesses that require complex, technical, or specialized translations. We serve government organizations, private and public companies, non-profit organizations, and leading medical and educational institutions, and our valued clients include Jatom Systems Inc., Vancouver General Hospital, University of British Columbia, Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association, DSS Group of Companies and Recollective, among others.

We will put our expertise, knowledge, and experience to work on your specific needs and guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with our final product: natural, fluent and accurate translation of your text.

Why Choose Art One Translations?

Recruit translators who work exclusively in their areas of specialization in countries where the target language of their translation is spoken
Have all translated texts proofread by a second, equally qualified linguist
Deliver 100% accurate translations with the help of our rigorous quality assurance procedures
Ensure all translated copy reads as naturally as text written by a well-educated native speaker
Provide a single point of contact to ensure effective communication at every stage of the translation process
Return phone calls, e-mails, and other correspondence in a timely manner
Deliver projects on time
Maintain reasonable rates
Love what we do, and make sure you love the results of our work, the most accurate translation of your document!

What Our Clients Say

Mission Statement

Our philosophy at Art One Translations is simple: we provide accurate, specialized translations that read as naturally as original documents.

Our Vision

vision of art one translationsAll of our linguists and proofreaders work exclusively in their areas of specialization and live in the same countries as their translations’ target audiences. They are familiar with the specialized terminology of their translations and aware of current, standard language usage in their target language, which enables them not only to provide an accurate translation of your document but also to write a text an educated native speaker would also write.

At Art One Translations we put customer needs first. We not only translate from and to most world languages, but also work in a wide variety of file formats and provide localization services, taking into consideration cultural specifics of the readers of the translated text that are essential to its understanding by the target audience. We translate audio and video files, websites, user manuals, and legal documents, just to name a few examples. We keep in close contact with our clients to ensure our finished product matches their needs, and we respond to all inquiries in a timely manner.

If you need an accurate translation of your text , look no further than Art One Translations. At Art One Translations we understand that top-notch accurate translations come from a combination of linguistic knowledge, cultural awareness, technical expertise, and a human touch. That is why all of our projects are undertaken by human translators, and not machines—we understand that translating a document into a foreign language is a multifaceted art, not a mechanical replacement of words in one language by words in another.

We look forward to providing you with the most accurate translation available on the market.

Our Linguists

At Art One Translations we take pride in our linguists, many of whom have graduate or post-graduate degrees, are members of professional translators’ associations and have a long-term proven record of top-notch translations.
Our translators are all native speakers with extensive experience who work only in their area of expertise, and who are proficient writers in their translations’ target language. Moreover, they are not only bilingual, but also bi-cultural, allowing them to localize translated materials for the specific market they are intended for.
You can rest assured your project will be handled by professionals who have a thorough understanding of your industry-specific terminology and can precisely convey the meaning of your text in their native tongue.
Living and working all over the globe, our linguists are committed to meeting your industry-specific and cultural translation requirements and providing superior service to clients. What we all have in common is a passion for languages and determination to continuously improve our services.

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