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Would you like your website in a foreign language? At Art One Translations, We Make Website Translation Easy!

website-localizationWhy Your Business Needs Website Localization?

In order to enter international markets today, all businesses, large and small, must embrace the adage, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” If you have a hunch that a multilingual, multi-cultural web presence can bring your company additional exposure and income, it probably will.

Here at Art One Translations, our multicultural, multilingual website localization team knows how to connect you to your target audience. Give us the go-ahead, and we will bring the content of your website to life, making it sound relevant and current in any part of the world you wish to target. Best of all, your new customers will be hard-pressed to believe you live anywhere other than right next door, as your website will sound like it was written by a local. 

Art One offers a wide variety of website localization services, including content localization (language and dialect, including present-day, real-time colloquialisms), database content localization, localized resource file access, website graphic localization, SEO optimization and updating of your foreign language website.


Side-by-Side Translation (Bilingual MS Word Files)


Ready to Place Translated Copy with Layout (HTML Files)


Complete Localization (Navigation & Content Files)

OPTION 1 : Side-by-Side Translation (Bilingual MS Word Files)

website-localization-best-practiceUsing an Internet browser, we will download your web pages and create MS Word files as a parallel bilingual table for every page. The first column of each document will contain the English text of your source pages, while the second column will contain the translated equivalent of your text in the target language. The text will be broken into paragraphs, and the source English paragraph on the left will have equivalent, translated text on the right. All your webmaster will have to do is create (copy) new web pages and manually insert the translated text.

What Our Clients Say

OPTION 2: Ready to Place Translated Copy with Layout (HTML Files)

Using an Internet browser, we will download your web pages (including images) into offline pages and save them as HTML files. We will then translate every downloaded page to the target language and deliver the translation to you in HTML format. Upon receiving the file, your webmaster will create the new pages and insert the translated text. (Some clients prefer this method because it lets them see the page layouts in the new language. Because some languages have shorter or longer sentences than English, some editing may be required, including altering fonts or image sizes).

OPTION 3: Complete Website Translation & Localization (Navigation & Content Files)

You will download your original files from your host web server. You (or your webmaster) will then decide which files to translate and send them to us, at which point we will translate each file individually and deliver the translated files in their original format.


Option 3 has several advantages:

It allows us to translate all items hidden from the user, including keywords for web engine searches, tags, any behind-the-scenes comments, etc.
It saves you significant time and effort when uploading the content of your new foreign language website and simplifies the creation of multiple-page foreign language versions.

Let us help you decide which website localization options would work best for you. Contact us today to learn more about our expert localization services. We look forward to serving you!

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