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Build up credibility with our superior quality translation services.

Art One empowers companies to win new business internationally by providing superior translation services.

Since they started working with us, our clients report improved credibility primarily due to our quality assurance process being laser-focused on accuracy and precision and freeing up their internal resources.

Attempt new markets confidently.

Reliability with our translation services gives clients the confidence to attempt new markets as they know that we will help them have their product ready for any market on time and budget.

Improve the usability of your product.

With a global network of expert translators working in 90+ languages and an intimate understanding of foreign markets, our translations improve the usability of our clients’ products anywhere in the world.

  • Expert translations
  • 90+ languages
  • Multiple specialized fields
  • Proven QA process
  • Technology experience

“Translators live off the differences between languages,
all the while working toward eliminating them.”
Edmond Cary

Translation ServicesWe offer expert foreign language translation services in 90+ languages and hundreds of language combinations, including nearly all world languages and various technology and specialized fields.

We work with almost all file formats and use computerized translation tools (CAT tools) to build relevant translation memories, create language glossaries wherever necessary, and help clients achieve consistency in vocabulary and terminology throughout the different phases of the translation process.

Art One Translations ensures the accuracy of all translated materials. Our language and market experts team will help you achieve cross-product and cross-language consistency by making sure each translated text reads naturally. 

Our translators are all native speakers of the translation target language and have an excellent grasp of the source languages in which they work. They also have experience in the specific subject matter of the translated content and are skillful writers in their native tongues. Moreover, they are bilingual and bi-cultural and fully able to consider the cultural context in their translations.

Streamline the Translation Project Flow—No Matter How Technical or Complex with Our Proven Quality Assurance Procedures.

When it comes to quality, we never take shortcuts because we at Art One believe that:

Quality is not a differentiator; it is a prerequisite.

We make it a norm to deliver quality work each time. Quality is what the client expects, and so they should get it.

What sets us apart and has earned us a reputation for exceeding our long-term client expectations is our dedication to our clients, who praise us for our flexibility, responsiveness, reliability, and integrity. This is what we stand for and on what we build our relationships. 

Going to a foreign market is challenging, so the clients need to be able to rely on their translation partner to grow their business internationally.

Understanding the challenges of international expansion, our team takes pride in leading our clients to global growth. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our clients thrive in foreign markets because the success of our clients in new markets is our success too.

Please read about our QA Procedures for seamless translation.

Some of Our Working Languages

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What Our Clients Say

Translation Services Q&A

Q1: How does your company ensure consistency with terminology?

We use Terminology Management Tools, allowing us to create and constantly update Translation Memories, Glossaries, and Style Guides. They serve as valuable references for translators and reviewers and will enable us to maintain consistency with your industry and company-specific terminology.

Q2: How do you achieve the accuracy and cultural relevance of the content?

We put much emphasis on usability so that the users of the software localized for Argentina will feel that it was developed for them and not just translated. The customers in Egypt will feel that the content is culturally relevant to them. 

To achieve this, we employ in-country native translators, use the most sophisticated technology, and strictly follow our rigorous QA procedures.

Q3: We anticipate a significant increase in our translation requirements. Will you be able to accommodate this?

We are well equipped to grow along with our clients, whether it means adding new languages, new services, or handling increased volumes. 

Our business model is easily scalable, and we can accommodate projects of any scope and complexity. 

We have a reputation for exceeding our long-term client expectations with the most demanding and challenging requirements.

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