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“Translators live off the differences between languages,
all the while working toward eliminating them.”
Edmond Cary

We offer expert foreign language translations in hundreds of language combinations, including nearly all world languages in various specialized fields.

We work with all file formats and use computerized translation tools to build relevant translation memories and create language glossaries wherever necessary, helping clients achieve consistency in vocabulary and terminology throughout the different phases of the translation process.

Art One Translations ensures the accuracy of all translated materials. Our team of language experts helps you achieve cross-product and cross-language consistency by making sure that each translated text reads naturally. Our translators have an excellent grasp of the source languages in which they work, have experience in the specific subject matter of their translations, and are skillful writers in their target language, which is their mother tongue. Moreover, they are not only bilingual, but also bi-cultural, which enables them to take cultural context into consideration.

What Our Clients Say

Our Translation Project Flow

Project Preperation

Project Assessment & Quotation

Our work begins with listening. We want to understand your current process and needs beyond the scope of a one-time translation, so we can consider your long-term translation needs. With that understanding we can provide recommendations and create opportunities for cost saving and process improvements. 

Upon receipt of your project, we carefully examine your documents and provide a cost and turnaround estimate for its completion. 

We respond to requests for quotes the same day, normally within a few hours. 

Your quote typically includes: 

A description of services required
Rates per word or per hour depending on the service*
Estimated turnaround/time required to complete the project
Other specifics related to the project

*Per word rates are broken down into a regular rate for new words and a discounted rate for repetitions that are identified by running the text though our specialized software. 

Project Kick-Off

Following our initial assessment and quote confirmation, and once the project scope and delivery dates have been confirmed, we form teams of translators best suited to the project, and we choose the best tools and procedures to translate your documents efficiently and accurately. 

We then prepare all files for our translators, assign tasks to our language teams, start building Translation Memories, Glossaries, Style guides, etc. and establish internal project deadlines. 

Translation and Localization

Translation, Editing, and Proofing (TEP)

We use a three-stage process of translation, editing, and proofreading (TEP). This process is managed by two or three translators who are native speakers of the target language and subject matter experts. These specialists also live and work in the countries where the language of their translation is spoken to ensure that translations are 100% accurate and reflect cultural nuances specific to their target audience. 

Layout and Quality Assurance

Desktop Publishing (DTP) 

If required, our team of DTP specialists will take care of your images, graphics or multimedia content for you, so that the version of your text in another language has the look and feel identical to its original. We work in many designer programs, including InDesign, FrameMaker, PageMaker, Quark, Illustrator, Freehand, CorelDraw, Photoshop, and AutoCAD, among others. 

Final Quality Assurance & Testing 

Our Project Manager will thoroughly check all documents before delivering them to you in order to make sure that every element of your document has been localized. 

If necessary, your files will be sent back to our linguists and/or digital media specialists to handle any issues or carry out refinements. 


Delivery of Final Files 

Final fully translated and localized documentation is handed over, and we will be at your disposal should any changes or further modifications be required. 

For all your translations needs, you can place your trust in Art One to get the job done quickly and within your budget.

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