Copperleaf Technologies Case Study

Translation Service Empowering International Business Development

About Copperleaf

“Art One gives us the capacity to sell our software all over the world.”

Copperleaf-logoCopperleaf is a decision analytics software developer with headquarters in Vancouver, Canada. Their clients are large asset-based firms dealing with electricity, natural gas, water, transportation, and other essential infrastructure. With Copperleaf’s technology, these organizations make better investment decisions, manage risk and optimize business performance.


Copperleaf had run into a serious challenge to its international sales process and ability to meet the needs of its growing clientele in Europe, Latin America and Asia.

“We were using internal resources for our French and Spanish clients, which was becoming unsustainable, as we began to expand into new regions,” said Copperleaf’s Director of Marketing Communications Laura Ryan. “We needed the ability to expand into other languages and do this in a timely manner.”

Millions of dollars in business value was at stake. Copperleaf needed a reliable, effective and responsive translation service to handle large quantities of content for the software’s user interface, marketing materials and other content.


Copperleaf reached out to several technical translation companies offering localized solutions. The clear winner was Art One Translations. “What we found was Art One was the most responsive and had the best understanding of the problem we were facing,” said Copperleaf CTO Stan Coleman. “They were more responsive than the other vendors we spoke to, their rates were reasonable, and they were totally professional.”

They hired Art One to take care of their UI localization and product marketing translations for end users in French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese and other languages.


Art One Translations’ consistently reliable translation service enabled Copperleaf’s global business expansion into high-value international markets and added revenue worth millions of dollars.

“Their translation service really shortened our release cycle from a process that took months to a week at most,” Stan explained. “They’re translating all of the critical UI bits like the tooltips, hints, menus, prompts – anything the user works with needs to get translated. We’re talking tens of thousands of strings of code. It would have been difficult to maintain without having a reliable translation service.

“We look at Art One’s value in terms of their professionalism and response times,” Laura added. “As Copperleaf has grown, we get much more out of their translation service. They provide translations in multiple languages, and they always deliver on time and on budget.”


Are you looking for a reliable translation service that empowers international business development?

Choose Art One Translations and our multilingual expert team to achieve your growth goals and increase revenue.

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