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Some of our past projects are described below

Mothers Matter Centre Canada

Mothers Matter Centre

Since 2013 Are One has been collaborating with Mothers Matter Centre, formerly Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY) Canada by translating the training manuals and educational materials for supporting communities across the country into French Canadian in an effort to equip low-income and socially isolated parents to help their children succeed in school and live brighter lives.

In 2015 Art One Translations was a proud sponsor of “Mothers as a Catalyst of Change: Inspiration from around the World”, a conference hosted by HIPPY Canada and the BC Association of Family Resource Programs.

We are honored to be part of the initiative focusing on women’s equality and family well-being and the role of mothers in helping to change the world for the better.

My non-profit needs French translations all the time. And not just any old French – it’s got to be Québecois French. People know the difference, and Art One is able to meet our specific needs. And at a price that our agency can afford. They provide amazing customer service, with excellent work done very quickly. We trust them with every job we have.

Darlene Gage, Mothers Matter Centre

British Columbia Council for Families

BCCF_logo_2013In 2017 we entered into collaboration with the BC Council for Families to produce Arabic and Farsi versions of educational brochures on the subject of child development and family relationships. These educational materials were aimed at helping new Canadians and refugees better assimilate into Canadian society and better prepare for balanced life with focus on family well-being and optimal child development.

The brochures were primarily intended for refugees as well as some immigrants and were written at a simple, easy-to-read level for someone whose education may have been interrupted by years spent in refugee camps. To accomplish this, the text has been translated by native Farsi and Arabic linguists using naturally flowing language. If words in the brochures were used in a context different from the usual Farsi/Arabic use, an explanation of how it is meant in this context was to follow.

Art One has delivered fully formatted educational brochures in Arabic and Farsi that were equivalents to their English sources both linguistically and visually.

Government of Canada

Canwordmark_colour-300x78In collaboration with Canadian Federal Government and Canadian Ministry of Defense, as part of Canada’s support to Ukraine in its efforts to defend itself and resist Russian invasion in its fight for democracy against Russia, in 2015 Art One translated training materials for Ukrainian forces into Ukrainian.

UBC Department of Medicine / Vancouver General Hospital

In collaboration with UBC’s Department of Medicine and the Vancouver General Hospital, Art One produced a Punjabi version of the Diabetes Guidebook. The language and tone of the Guidebook were adjusted for the Punjabi community in Lower Mainland. The Art One Punjabi team produced a fully formatted text of 68,000 words and almost 300 pages to give Vancouver’s large Punjabi community better access to health care.

Other projects we worked on included translating educational materials, training manuals, guidebooks, service descriptions, video subtitling, voice recordings for various non-for-profit organizations and societies working with immigrants and refugees, low-income families, and those experiencing financial hardships.

If you are working on a good cause that requires translation, we are here to help. Our team of language experts will get your message across to any audience, saving you internal time and resources, and will be linguistically and culturally tailored to its audience. Contact us today for quality results within your timeline at a reasonable cost.

Scotiabank Feast of Fortune

In January of 2019 in advance of Chinese New Year Art One worked on video transcription, translation and subtitling project for Scotiabank for their signature fundraising gala “Feast of Fortune” hosted by St. Paul’s Foundation in support of compassionate, inspired hospital care.

The Scotiabank Feast of Fortune galas have raised over $5.7 million for the purchase of vital medical equipment across all departments at Mount Saint Joseph Hospital.

Funds raised by St. Paul’s Foundation support enhanced patient and resident care, capital projects, equipment needs, research and teaching at St. Paul’s Hospital, Mount Saint Joseph Hospital, Holy Family Hospital, and four residential care sites across Vancouver.

We are extremely proud to have contributed our modest share to this amazing initiative!

Richmond Jets Minor Hockey Association

Richmond JetsArt One Translations Sponsored Richmond Jets for their Inaugural 2018 – 2019 Season!

Art One Translations is proud to have sponsored Richmond Jets Minor Hockey, a youth hockey organization dedicated to providing an accessible opportunity for the youth of the community to grow through sport.

In delivering their programs, Richmond Jets is guided by the following values:

  • fair play while promoting good sportsmanship and adherence to the rules of hockey;
    • respect for teammates, opponents, officials, volunteers and our community;
    • inclusiveness for members of all abilities and backgrounds;
    • determination and hard work as a path to success;
    • safety, both physical and emotional, of all players and officials; and
    • a fun and enjoyable minor hockey experience for all members.

Art One is thrilled to do its modest part in promoting these great values among our youth and to be part of the vibrant Richmond junior hockey community!

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