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Media and Foreign language transcription services. We deliver publication-perfect transcriptions because our transcribers are human professionals as well as highly skilled writers We never use computer transcription or vast typing pools; all our transcription projects are carried out by talented professionals.

Our transcribers have years of experience in the languages in which they transcribe, enabling them to explain terms or concepts parenthetically wherever necessary. If your audio or video recording is in a language filled with regional colloquialisms or cultural references, very little will escape our transcribers, all of whom work in their native tongue. What might leave a non-native transcriber scratching his or her head will not confuse or confound our transcribers. Our transcription specialists are all experts in their respective subject areas. 

All transcribed texts undergo our strict Quality Assurance procedure before being delivered to the client. A second linguist will ensure the text is a 100% accurate and its tone suits your intended audience.

Our most common transcription services appear below. If what you need does not appear on the list, simply give us a call; we can most likely accommodate your needs.

Samples of Our Work
Archive Records
Board Meetings
Court Hearings
Film / Theatre Productions
Focus Groups
Legal Matters
Market Research
Media Recordings
Medical Cases
Medical Research
Minutes of Meetings
Police Interviews
Public Debates
Phone Calls
Roundtable Discussions
Scientific Research
Technology Conferences
Television Broadcasts
Training Sessions

We are experienced in producing the top-quality transcripts done by highly qualified humans. To achieve the most accurate transcriptions possible we also rely on our strict, three-step QA process of Transcription, Review and Proofreading.

transcriptionPlease note: Transcription usually takes from four to eight times (and sometimes even longer) the length of the document being transcribed, depending on the complexity of the text, the number or speakers and the quality of the recording. On some occasions, additional time is required for terminology research.

Example: it may take 40 to 80 minutes to transcribe 10 minutes of audio or video.

Hourly rates for this service apply.

We can also assist you in editing your transcripts, checking and correcting spelling and grammatical errors, and formatting the document to your requirements. If you are planning on having subtitles made for your video with transcribed text or voice over translations, we can help you with these services as well.
You might also be interested in translating the transcripts of your recording into other languages.

When you need spot-on transcription services, call on the best. At Art One Translations, we consider what we do an art as well as a science. Whatever the size of your organization, you can be assured that Art One Translations will deliver the right transcription for you.

What Our Clients Say

Quality translation and subtitles of the video starts with accurate transcription.

Transcription was the first step of our work on the subtitling project of a 90-minute video telling a story of a Holocaust survivor.

To prepare the text for translation, we completed the clean verbatim transcription of the audio with timestamping.

Here is the link to the film Dora. A Documentary by SDELANO V NEW YORKE with English subtitles.

Multimedia Localization Project For Scotia Bank

Art One worked on a multimedia localization project providing video transcription, translation and Chinese subtitling for Scotiabank for their fundraising gala “Feast of Fortune” hosted by St. Paul’s Foundation in support of compassionate, inspired hospital care. The video with subtitles is available here.

For spot-on transcription services, contact us today to discuss your project requirements.

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