Ensure security of your software or app

Comply with ADA and WCAG for web inclusivity

Art One has always performed post-localization linguistic testing for websites, software, and mobile apps to make sure the application functions well linguistically and has the “local feel” in its intended markets.

In the past years, however, there has been a growing demand for functional, security, and accessibility testing to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) international standard.

As Value-Added Service We Now Offer Testing

In recognition of our clients’ needs for security of their applications when entering foreign markets, as well as web inclusivity, we now offer testing services.

With quality assurance engineering team working in the field for over 30 years, dedicated application security capabilities, we take great pride in our mission to assist clients with security and inclusivity of their application in obtaining flawless technological results.

Our Most In-Demand Testing Services

Web Inclusivity

(ADA/WCAG/Accessibility Audit)

Short, Fixed Price Engagement (~2-3 weeks)

Protect your business from lawsuits, fines, and legal costs! 

Are your website and mobile app(s) compliant with ADA and WCAG? 

Our Web Accessibility audit will rapidly identify at least one violation for each of the 38 criteria defined by the WCAG 2.0 level AA standard. In addition, Art One’s QA experts will test screen reader compatibility. 

The process takes about 2-3 weeks. It is designed to provide quick results and data to assist your web developers with rapid remediation to bring you in compliance with WCAG, AODA, and ADA for accessibility standards.

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Application Security Assessment

An application security breach can disrupt your client/customer digital presence and put your data at risk – loss of business, customers, and expensive to recover from.

No matter how great perimeter defences are (network, firewall, intrusion detection, etc.), there is always a chance that the perimeter will be breached through phishing and other human errors. Our application vulnerability audit will identify the high-risk attack vulnerabilities of your website or application, determine the risk of the break potential and the value of the data if the vulnerability is exploited. 

This assessment also lines up with where most technical vulnerabilities are discovered in web applications today, namely within the HTML/HTTP components, the system APIs, and the business logic of the application in question.

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Start-Up Company QA Advisory Package

Our 90 day QA in Residence service is designed to assist start-up and early-stage companies in preparing and achieving software quality and testing readiness. This program is a retainer for top QA & QE executive expertise for up to 5 hours per month over an initial three months. 

Also, we provide two (2) one-hour educational programs (i.e., “brown bag” sessions) for the executive or development teams on a customized QA topic like application security, automation, performance, evaluating testing tools, and more.

Our practitioners will provide advisory or consulting sessions for development teams and existing QA resources, coaching and mentorship of product teams to support a build for quality approach, and planning support for performance and security.

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Other Testing Services We Offer

Test Automation

Test automation is a crucial step in both the software development and testing processes.  Agile development has encouraged an increasing shift towards regular and rapid regression testing, The earlier automation of manual testing artifacts (Shift-Left),  the utilization of continuous testing (CI/CD),  the automation of both unit testing and API testing,  natural language test design (i.e. Gherkin via TDD, BDD) that facilitates ease and quicker automated test scripting,  the reduction in manual testing time and effort for regression testing, and the usage of open source automation solutions as viable alternatives to commercial tools.

Performance Engineering and Testing

Does it Scale? Performance testing is a technical examination carried out to determine or confirm the application’s speed, scalability, and/or stability qualities. System’s development, roll-out, and ongoing maintenance should all incorporate performance testing and engineering.

By doing so, you may prevent missed mistakes, dissatisfied clients, reputational harm, and the costly expense of low quality.  Services covered are Performance Test Strategy, Architecture Performance Review, Implementation / Code Review, Performance Testing/Executions, Performance Monitoring, Capacity Planning and Scalability Testing, Performance Analysis and Identification of Bottlenecks, Performance Tuning, and Performance Benchmarking.

System Integration Testing

A model-based automated testing solution that identifies all permutations of a system to be tested based on a pre-built model, geared towards automobiles or other products with multiple, integrated components with embedded software, automatically generates all the automatedtests and their expected results for a given vehicle, connects to a physical vehicle (or bench vehicle) via ODBII.  The solution model is then converted to test cases and run against the physical system automatically.

Functional Testing

Does it Work?  Manual or automated testing that validates the software application against the functional requirements/specifications. Each function of the software application is tested using functional tests, which involve supplying the right input and comparing the output to the functional requirements.

This testing checks User Interface (UI/UX), APIs, Database, Client/Server communication and other functionality of the Application Under Test.

For your software, app, or website to perform well in the new market and to comply with local accessibility regulations, make sure to include the Quality Assurance stage in your localization process.

Our QA audit assures that everything runs smoothly with no functionality defect, also meeting specific criteria for inclusivity standards in the market of your choice.

Software Testing

Learn more about the importance of software testing for a successful launch in a new market, what it involves, and how Art One can help you.

“Our team is a recognized leader named a “Top-Performing Translation Firm in 2020”, “Top Translation Services in Canada in 2021”, and 2021 Leading Global Translation Company by Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews platform.” 

If you would like to benefit from our testing services, be it the testing for compliance with ADA and WCAG for web inclusivity, or your application security testing, we are here to help.

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