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As we are a business that puts specialization at the heart of everything we do, we deliver market-leading technical and specialized translation services no matter how complex or where you are—making sure we get it right the first time, every time.

Need Technical Translation Services? No Problem!

Technical Translation By Art One Translations

Technical translations are especially problematic if not handled by experts. There is a lot to be taken into consideration for successful translation and formatting of a document such as a technical manual.

Our goal is to achieve cross-product and cross-language consistency with every text we work on, and technical text in particular.

We are proud not only to have met our clients’ expectations time and again but in many cases to have exceeded them with our expert technical translations.


We are consistently praised by our clients for:

  • Professionalism
  • Familiarity with specialized terminology
  • Accuracy of translated materials
  • Quick project turnaround
  • Overall top quality of services

What Our Clients Say

How do we ensure the accuracy of all translated materials, making each and every technical translation read naturally in the translated foreign language while maintaining crystal-clear terminology for experts in the field?

Our translators work exclusively in the area in which they are experts. They understand the nuances specific to your industry and are familiar with the technical concepts contained in the text to ensure the translation conveys the right idea to the engineer or technician reading it.
Technical writing has a specific style that might be difficult, and at times impossible, for a non-technical person to emulate. A high-quality technical translation combines correct terminology with a clear style tailored to its audience. Our translators are native speakers of the target languages of their translations and are skilful technical writers in their fields. Moreover, they are not only bilingual, but also bi-cultural, which enables them to produce technical translations whose style, layout, and other graphical and linguistic features read naturally to the target audience.
We work with most file formats and use computerized translation tools to build translation memories and create language glossaries specific for your industry, and in many cases to your project, to help you achieve consistency in vocabulary and terminology throughout the different phases of the translation process.
We have access to and actively make use of the most current terminology references.
We work closely with each client, as we believe that clients’ input can enhance the quality of the translation. Dictionaries do not always provide the right answers to technical terminology problems, which is why steady dialog between the translator and the client is crucial for achieving the highest quality of translation.

Our professional Desktop Publishing (DTP) specialists can help you localize screenshots, graphics and other images in your documents to make them culturally suit the target audience.

To ensure top-quality technical translation services to our clients, we also adhere to our own proven, three-stage QA process .

Our team of language experts is equipped with a wealth of knowledge and expertise that enables them to provide professional technical translation services in many industries, including Telecommunications, Information Technology, Engineering, Heavy Machinery, and Energy and Environment, to name a few.

Whatever your industry, you can be assured that all technical translations are handled by experts in your field with a deep understanding of their subject matter.

As a result, the translation of your text will be so accurate that it does not read as a translation, but rather as an original text written in its reader’s language.

Technical Translation

We perform quality professional translations in many specialized industries, including:

Information Technology
Life Sciences
Social Sciences
Heavy Machinery
Energy & Environment
Natural Resources
Higher Education

We are experts in translating various types of complex documents and materials, such as:

Software application interfaces
Software documentation sets
Product manuals
Online and traditional catalogues
Help files
Technical Manuals
News Releases
Specialized magazine articles
Legal contracts
Financial documents
Social media updates
E-books & blog articles

When you need specialized technical translation services, choose our experts at Art One Translations.  Contact us today for a free quote.

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