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“Not everyone who knows how to write can be a writer. Not everyone who knows two languages can be a translator.”

Nataly Kelly, Found in Translation

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Expert Translators

We work only with highly-educated, experienced translators who are fluent in the source language and native speakers of the target language of our translations. Most of our linguists live and work in countries where the language into which they translate is spoken, so their language competencies are real-time and current. In addition, our translators are bilingual and bi-cultural, which is crucial when it comes to localizing text for specific markets.

Extensive Knowledge

Our linguists work exclusively in areas of specialization where they have an educational background or extensive knowledge which has been acquired from years of research, translation, and study.

Multi-Phase QA Process

For every project that we tackle, we follow a strict, multi-phase QA process in which each step of TEP (Translation, Editing and Proofing) is carried out by a different qualified linguist, ensuring accurate translation and consistent terminology so that every translation is of the highest possible quality.

Most Current Translation Resources

While working on a project, our linguists use the most current (and constantly updated) specialized translation resources available.


We ask clients for clarifications as needed, because no one knows better than the author of a document what he or she intended to convey.

Computer Assisted Translation (CAT)

We use Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools to build translation memories and glossaries for future updates to maintain consistency of vocabulary and terminology.


We treat every client with respect, keep all information entrusted to us in the strictest confidentiality, and apply the same high standards to every document that we translate and project that we handle, large or small, from marketing brochures and software localization to legal documents and patents.

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Our translations read naturally as ifthey were written in the foreign language and not just translated.

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