Top 10 Reasons You Need To Partner With a Translation Agency

Did you know that according to the extensive survey conducted by CSA Research of the role of language preferences in buying behaviour, they discovered that most high-tech users won’t buy products that are not adapted for their market?

Can’t Read, Won’t Buy.

Business users of high-tech products should expect just as rich a customer experience as do consumers – in their language and adapted to their market. However, many firms continue to skimp on the investment required to offer their customers a full language experience that conveys their brand, reputation, and trustworthiness at a level that makes them stand out among their competitors – especially among local and regional ones.

– CSA Research

Translation Drives Sales

Companies reaching out to new global customers need to make an effective entrance. We all know that you will not have a second chance to make a good first impression. The role of translation is crucial for such entrance.

Yet, when first faced with the need for translation some businesses consider different “economical” options of assigning translation tasks to an existing bilingual employee, hiring an in-house translator, or even relying on on-line translation tools. While these options might suffice at times depending on the specific needs of your organization, they will fail you soon enough once the translation volumes increase and the new languages are added. The cost of repairing the damage can exceed the initial savings.

The global language services market is expected to grow to USD 58.3 billion in 2021 with the industry to be valued at USD 73.6 billion by 2025, according to Nimdzi Insights.

There is a good reason why the translation industry is growing fast. Because translation drives sales, and you need to do it right by involving a professional translation agency to help with your international growth.

Services Offered by a Professional Translation Agency

When entering a foreign market, you will most likely have a range of translation requirements, and a translation agency is equipped to provide a full range of translation and localization services for any market you pursue.

Below are some services a translation agency typically offers:

  • Document translation
  • Website localization
  • Software localization
  • Mobile App localization
  • eLearning localization
  • Multimedia localization
  • Transcription
  • Desktop Publishing

Top 10 Benefits of Working with a Translation Agency

  1. Adapting to a Country’s Culture 

Localization (cultural adaptation) is a key part of cross-cultural communication when expanding your business. What works well in Germany might not be as effective, or even proper, in Japan. Without expertly localized material, something is bound to be lost in translation. It is imperative for international growth that marketing materials send the correct and culturally appropriate message.

Mistakes are costly.

Mazda’s introduced the Laputa in 1999 and it sold well worldwide, except in Spain. Why? Because la puta means “the whore” in Spanish, giving company messaging such as “a smooth, comfortable ride” an entirely different meaning.

That is often what happens without proper localization and cultural adaptation of your products, technical documentation, websites, email communication, and other supporting materials.

A translation company has global resources and assigns localization tasks to in-country translators who will adapt your message to reflect its intended meaning and your company brand while respecting the local culture and laws.

When you partner with a professional translation agency,
you are not just buying words, you are buying
expertise in foreign markets.

  1. Global Presence 

For best results with translation, you need professionally trained human linguists that know the cultural nuances and linguistic traits of your target market and who can accurately translate your material to resonate with the audience you are trying to reach.

Don’t make the mistake of having a transactional relationship with a translation company. A professional translation company should be your strategic partner in navigating new markets as they employ in-country native professionals with strong language skills and knowledge of the markets and can therefore provide valuable insights for your international growth.

With efficient global vendor sourcing and managing on all continents and on different time zones that a solid translation company offers, you can accelerate your global expansion goals.

When you partner with a professional translation agency,
you are not just buying words, you are buying
global vendor sourcing.

  1. Building a Local Persona

It is imperative not only to speak your audience’s language but also to understand their needs and expectations for successful market positioning.

If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.
– Nelson Mandela

During international expansion, successful brands and organizations often start by identifying and understanding their audience and their challenges before they work on messaging.

Professional translation agencies can play a crucial role in your marketing success as they can help you understand and visualize your local audiences to adapt messaging and offering appropriately. Not only it will result in incalculable savings of time and money but will allow you to expand with confidence.

  1. High Standards of Quality 

Let’s say you have a ground-breaking business application for which you are targeting a global reach. Localization will make your application locally accessible, tested, and optimized in the language/s spoken in your target region.

The thorough end-to-end process that you can expect from your translation partner results in branding consistency and linguistic accuracy across all your product elements.

When you partner with a professional translation agency,
you are not just buying words, you are buying
the entire QA process.

You are buying a well-established proven TEP (Translation, Editing, Proofing) QA process because the quality of translation is defined by the number of eyes looking at it backed up with the latest and the most advanced CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tools and efficient terminology management procedures. These tools significantly lower translation agency margin of error lowering the cost of translation.

Only expert translation companies with experienced technical teams can meet the complex requirements of software localization and deliver comprehensive and consistent results that guarantee product excellence in a local market.

  1. The Best Talent in Translation and Localization

Dealing with local languages, cultures, and labor laws while expanding your business in new markets can be stressful and costly.

Professional translation agencies hire the best translators for efficiency and profitability. The translators are highly educated linguistic specialists and experts in the fields of their translation.

Depending on the specific needs of your project, a translation company can also involve professionals such as transcribers, desktop publishers, localization engineers, voice artists, audio-visual technicians, and acoustic engineers, as well as consecutive and simultaneous interpreters.

When you partner with a professional translation agency,
you are not just buying words, you are buying
a highly efficient operations team. 

The advantage of working with a translation agency is that you can use the expertise of all these professionals when needed without the expense of full-time employees.

  1. Translation Companies Handle Large Volumes of Work

Software localization is an example of a project with complex requirements that is leagues apart from the standard document translation and will require a large team of expert professionals involved in your project so you can meet your deadlines and accelerate growth.

The speed and efficiency guaranteed by expert translation companies are aided by the most sophisticated CAT tools and terminology management procedures. After working on a given project for a long time, the teams and tools perform faster, building momentum on the accumulated knowledge and terminology.

This is simply impossible to accomplish if employees do the work on top of performing their other duties with no access to professional translation tools.

When you partner with a professional translation agency,
you are not just buying words, you are buying
professional translation tools
for better quality and faster turnarounds.

  1. Project Management Excellence

Here is a glance at what happens in a software localization department of a translation company:

  • Analyzing materials and the application to identify the scope of work
  • Assessing cultural, linguistic, and technical project requirements
  • Identifying target audience based on feature assessment
  • Choosing CAT tools for specific needs of the project
  • Selecting translators based on project specifications
  • Setting project flow, determining timelines and deliverables
  • Customizing user interface, extracting UI strings from the app code
  • Extracting major terms from the text and creating glossaries
  • Pre-translating major terms, having translations approved by the client
  • Setting up the project in the chosen CAT tool
  • Creating translation memories and style guides
  • Translation work begins following TEP (Translation, Editing, Proofing) QA Process
  • Post-translation desktop publishing (DTP)
  • Compilation of localized files and testing
  • Delivery of the project and awaiting client’s feedback
  • Receiving and incorporating client’s feedback
  • Final delivery of files
  • Updating terminology tools with final translations and documenting processes for future use

Project managers in a translation company oversee the project flow to ensure a seamless end-to-end completion and timely delivery. The goal is to optimize the quality and factual accuracy of whatever is served from their linguistic kitchens.

Freed from worrying about the quality of translation and the project flow and knowing that the translation company will solve problems when it matters most, effectively dealing with emergencies, you can focus on running your business more efficiently.

When you partner with a professional translation agency,
you are not just buying words, you are buying
project management excellence.

  1. Best Value 

Given the complexity of work involved in localization, a translation company will save you time and money. With a large network of translators and vendors of other services in all parts of the world, their multilingual teams can handle large volumes and simultaneously work on multiple projects and translate to multiple languages.

When you partner with a professional translation agency,
you are not just buying words, you are buying
24/7 vendor management.

Partnership with a translation agency will be of tremendous value for your organization. They will do the job much faster, way more efficiently, and produce a higher quality of translation than any other option.

  1. One-Stop for All Your Translation Needs 

Your translation agency will save you on many critical occasions. Whether you need help for the Asian market or a specific European country, they will provide all the help you need to penetrate a new market.

You can be sure that they will have the necessary resources available in new markets, because

when you partner with a professional translation agency,
you are not just buying words, you are buying
exceptional client care.

  1. Maintain Your Growth Trajectory 

When bringing your brand to a new country, you want to maintain the same quality product that you already have in your existing markets. This will allow you continuous growth with successful launches in new geographic areas.

Partnering with an experienced translation agency will allow you to plan your growth into a new market and meet your deadlines thanks to their expertise in the local culture, market trends, and consumption patterns in the area.

There is no way to replace that “seasoning” and expertise on your own. They do what they do best, so why not take advantage of it to fully realize your expansion dreams?

Upon deciding to expand your business, you want to stay on your trajectory by relying on your team and partnership with a translation company.

Go Global 

We may be interconnected globally but the world is still filled with different languages, cultures, and beliefs. Communication is an essential element in achieving success in new markets.

Focused translation and localization services are critical for your global initiatives, helping you overcome language barriers and forging a deeper connection with the local population.

The quality of work you receive from a professional translation company is unparalleled and necessary to attain global agility, cultural sensitivity, and sustained international growth.

By working with a professional translation company, you are getting huge savings as replicating the entire process in-house with the same level of proficiency is going to be costly, if not impossible.

Remember, when you partner with a professional translation agency you are not just buying words, you are buying:

  • Foreign Markets Expertise
  • Global Vendor Sourcing
  • The Entire QA Process
  • Professional Translation Tools
  • Project Management Excellence
  • 24/7 Vendor Management
  • Exceptional Client Care

You are buying a high-value-add commodity that drives sales and
brings you new business anywhere in the world!

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