Mobile App Localization

Localizing App Language, Experience and Functionality

Mobile App Localization

Having your app localized for a target audience can increase its download rate by more than 100% and increase its revenue by 25%, according to a study by BI Intelligence.

As a result, you will probably want to localize your mobile app to reach as many of the over 3.5 billion worldwide mobile users as possible.

From the App Store to the device, Art One Translations will help you position your mobile app as a powerful player in the international market. We will partner with you to ensure your app reaches the largest possible audience for all available major operating platforms, whether it is Apple IOS, Google Android, or Microsoft Windows.

With our proven project management methodology and quick project turnarounds, we have developed a framework of tools, systems, and best practices to bring together designers and translators for a flawless user experience in a global marketplace. to reach as many of the over 3.5 billion worldwide mobile users as possible.

Mobile App Localization : App Language, Experience and Functionality

Professional mobile app localization goes beyond simple translation and reformatting. Everything from launch to run-time

UI flows, dialogs, user behaviours and text inputs—needs to be localized. Art One Translations’ experts ensure every facet of the mobile app the user encounters is relevant to the regional specifics: time, date, currency, even links to local sites, services and 3rd-party resources.

We work to bring your audience an interface that seamlessly handles foreign characters and alternates language directions while being cognizant of the differences in display and keyboards of devices designed for foreign markets. We can help you test your app on multiple platforms.

Midway through 2013, mobile usage surpassed desktop and has continued to rise steadily. With no indications of a lull in this increase, it is imperative that a mobile app be designed to reach a broader audience.

International users are tired of seeing cut-off text, improper text-wrapping, overlapping elements on the UI, bad punctuation, unusual text direction, untranslated text, strange sorting—and these are just some of the less nefarious bugs plaguing non-localized mobile apps—never mind those that aren’t offered or don’t function at all.

Our Three Step Solution in Mobile App Localization

Art One Translations recognizes the tremendous gap in the market for mobile app localization and has developed a proven framework and a three-step quality-assurance process to help you get your product to market on time and on budget.

As mobile device usage expands everywhere, so does the ROI potential that comes with Mobile App localization. Increasing mobile usage in Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East represents a wide-open market that will be captured by those who invest in professional localization.

Mobile App Localization Starts in the App Store

The listing in the App Store creates the first impression international users will have of your mobile app, so it’s important to highlight the localized versions. We will work with you to ensure the description, images, screenshots and promotional videos for devices or tablets are localized before launching. Cultures and perceptions within each market may even necessitate a change in features or naming.

From the point of purchase onward, it is imperative to create a positive customer experience in the user’s own language.  Having an understanding of best practices for global markets, as our experts do, will help you deliver an accurate and authentic user experience and create a positive review opportunity.

Mobile App Localization With App Store

We will also partner with you for your App Store Optimization (ASO). To reach the widest audience and help users find your mobile app, the title, description and keywords will need to be translated into the target languages.

A localized campaign directing traffic to app downloads via social media (Facebook, Twitter), news releases and referrals in the targeted language is another consideration; the more times the app is downloaded, the higher up it goes in the App Store search ranking. search return ranking within the App Store.

What Our Clients Say

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