We can help you create a bilingual website!

Language Spoken in Canada Maptitude Map

We can help you create a bilingual website!

Graphic Source : www.caliber.com

Data Source: 2011 Census – Map by Maptitude

Are you thinking of a bilingual website? We can help!

Most businesses develop their websites as a way to promote their business, to advertise their latest information, to showcase products and to be a point of contact to their clients and customers. However, if your website is unilingual, you could be missing out on a larger Canadian audience that could in turn lead to more sales and profitability.

Statistics Canada’s Canada Year Book 2010 shows that Canada’s eastern provinces (Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Quebec) have a population of nearly 10 million people, and the first language of over 60% of those provinces is French. Last year’s The World in 2010: ICT Facts and Figures report tabled by the International Telecommunication Union suggests that “…in 2010, the number of (worldwide) Internet users will surpass the two billion mark, of which 1.2 billion will be in developing countries.” It is becoming essential for entrepreneurs to acknowledge the variety of languages that exists in the marketplace and to research the various language profiles of their target customers.

The reality is that depending on the industry your business is operating in and your customer base, having a website in only one language could be detrimental to your longevity.

If you are thinking about broadening your business’ reach, consider using both English and French to promote your business.
(Ref: Government of Canada)

If you are convinced that your business would benefit from having a bilingual website, we can help you make it happen. Our expert website localization team will not only translate the content for your intended market but also localize images, graphics, numbers, dates, etc. to make them culturally appropriate for your target audience so that your message is not lost in translation.

We are here to help make your website bilingual. Contact us today to inquire about our website localization service.

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