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Our company was established in 2008 as a worldwide provider of expert technical translation and localization solutions. With an international network of professional linguists and an intimate understanding of foreign markets, we are committed to delivering world-class linguistic services. We proudly serve clients in many countries, including government organizations, private and public companies, non-profit organizations, and leading medical and educational institutions.

Translation is a technical and highly complex art. Beyond changing words from one language into another, translators need to consider the cultural expectations of their audience. This requires extensive knowledge of their subject matter, industry-specific terminology, and the many-layered communicative differences between speakers of different languages. A translation can be said to be truly successful when it reads as naturally as an original text.

At Art One we use several strategies to produce such translations. We combine flexible personalized project management and client relations with a multi-stem translation and localization process. Our translators are all native speakers of the language of their translations, and they live in the countries of their target audience, enabling them to capture elements of local cultural specifics and nuances of the most current language. We follow a strict, multi-phase QA process in which each step of Translation, Editing and Proofing (TEP) is managed by a different linguist, ensuring accurate translation and consistent terminology so every translation is of the highest possible quality.

Olena Polissky Director Art One Translations

With many high-caliber multilingual projects in our portfolio, we have never failed to satisfy our clients with our translation and localization solutions!

Being passionate about our work, we make it our mission to put the needs of our clients first and to ensure that every finished product matches their requirements. We achieve this by keeping in close contact with them, understanding that no two projects are the same, and tailoring each translation to each client’s exact specifications. We leave no stone unturned in continuously looking for ways to improve our work.

I personally guarantee exceptional quality and exclusive personalized service, making myself available to answer all questions and address any concerns you might have.

Contact me today to request an obligation-free quote or to discuss translation and localization solutions for your project.


Olena Polissky

Managing Director

Art One Translations

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