Desktop Publishing

Localizing your content visually, maximizing your document’s readability.

Professional Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing (DTP) is the art of managing the design and page layout of printed materials through the use of specialized software. Since it offers more control over graphics and layout than any word processor, desktop publishing is an essential tool for anyone looking to publish printed materials in a form more sophisticated than a basic text document.

Desktop publishing is especially important for localizing software, as user manuals, installation guides, instruction manuals, and other accompanying products need to be localized to suit their target audience. Moreover, desktop publishing can assist you by tailoring your page layout and design for any market.

Desktop publishing is useful for more than just creating page layouts. If you need documents to be translated but only have them in their final, graphics-based forms, such as PDF files, desktop-publishing tools can be used to extract text from them and localize them, producing translated texts in any format you desire. In this sense, desktop publishing can help you save money on both localization and globalization, even if it is not being used specifically for design-based applications.

What Our Clients Say

Art One Translations offers full range of desktop-publishing services to suit clients’ specific needs.

Our highly professional graphic designers work alongside our linguists and can localize translated materials for you to make them look exactly the same as their originals or modify their layout to give them an appropriate look and feel for target audiences. We maximize documents’ readability by formatting them graphically, in addition to translating their content. We work with a broad range of PC and Mac packages and can create files in various formats and with multiple typesets. We can also work with different character sets, including Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, and Russian.

In an age when users leave a website within seconds if they dislike its layout, desktop publishing has become vital for product localization. At Art One Translations, we are glad to serve your desktop publishing needs.

Let us help you give your content an appropriate look and feel for your target audiences.

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