How Your Company Can Benefit from Voice Over Services in Multiple Languages

When we think about watching videos online, we often think about entertainment, from binge-watching Netflix to catching a stream on Twitch. But video plays an increasingly important role in other areas of business as well, and for good reason: a HubSpot study showed that people are more likely to focus while watching a video—but when offered the same content in

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The High Cost of Inaccuracy in Translating Technical Texts

The High Cost of Inaccuracy in Translating Technical Texts (or What Can Go Wrong in Technical Translation) Inaccuracies when translating technical texts can lead directly to problems such as misuse of a device. But the initial error can also cause a domino effect that leads to a cascade of other problems, some of which may not be apparent right away.

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What Are CAT Tools and How They Are Different from Machine Translation

“Language is the source of misunderstandings.” Antoine de St. Exupery, The Little Prince   In our daily work, we often see our clients confusing CAT tools with machine translation, so in this article, we would like to explain what exactly CAT tools are and how they are different from machine translation. Let’s first look at machine translation. What is Machine

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7 Benefits of Translating a Website

Globalization is taking hold faster than ever, increasing the need for linguistic diversity Never has there been a time in history when businesses were so connected across borders, time zones, and cultures. And never has translating a website been so important. Recent events, most notably the global pandemic and the ensuing lockdowns of brick-and-mortar businesses, have thrown this global connection

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Terminology Management: Your Shortcut to Faster, More Accurate Translations

What exactly is terminology management in translation? To understand the importance of terminology tools, let’s turn back the clock a few decades, before personal computers became a vital part of the translation industry. Imagine that you have a document you need to translate from German into English—a 60-page operating manual, for example. You fax (or mail) the manual to a

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Is Machine Translation a Reality?

Machine translation (MT) is a hot topic these days. Computers and algorithms can produce better translation results than ever before. But what does this mean for the client who requires high-quality translations in a timely manner?  Advancing from Statistical Method Translation (SMT) to Neural Machine Translation (NMT)  A significant advance in automated translation dawned in 2016 when Google Translate adopted

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