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Why Technical Documentation Translation Services Still Rely On Human Translators

If you pay attention to news from the translation and localization world, you are almost certainly aware that machine translation has become increasingly sophisticated in the past few years.  Using machine translation (MT) for technical documents might sound appealing. After all, technical documentation translation services can be costly: documents are often long, they require specialized translators, and they may need

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What You Need to Know to Better Prepare for Your Arabic Translation Project

The Middle East region has been a very promising market in the past years due to its significant economical development. Therefore, it presents a massive opportunity to businesses for market expansion. Arabic is a growing language spoken by an estimated 420 million people, mainly from the Middle East and parts of Africa. Addressing this audience in their native language is

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What You Need To Know Before Translating Your Technical Document To Spanish

Chances are that you landed on this page because you are considering or have decided to translate your technical documents to Spanish. You may have several reasons why you need to translate to Spanish, but you now have to make even more critical decisions regarding how to do it best. Technical translation is one of the most underrated localization projects.

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10 Things To Remember For Successful Technical Documentation Translation

Language is more than just a series of words. It connects people through common ideas, and translation is the magic ticket that helps it to cross foreign borders. Technical documentation translation takes the challenge to entirely new level, demanding a degree of accuracy that few other niches require. That’s further complicated by the need to find the right terminology which

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