Software Localization


Your Software Localization Checklist

Localizing your software is a complex task and forgetting a step in the early stages can cause cost overruns or delays later in the project.


How SaaS Localization Can Have a Positive Impact on Consumer Experience

Is your software ready for the global market? Will it work as well for a user in Germany or Argentina as it does for one in Canada? You are competing with over 25+ million software developers across the globe. A successful SaaS localization is critical to stay competitive in your target market. The world’s biggest brands have long understood that

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6 Software Localization Practices for Successful Launch in a Foreign Market

Thousands of dollars and man-hours have been spent researching, developing, strategizing, prototyping, testing, and tweaking the software, and it has successfully launched in the local market. Having assessed the potential returns on investment, your company is ready to transition to the global market. Anyone who has ever tried to assemble a piece of furniture set up electronic equipment or read

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UI Localization to Chinese: What You Need to Know

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT UI LOCALIZATION TO CHINESE AND KOREAN    Chinese is the most spoken language in the world with 1,197 million native speakers of its various dialects living in 33 countries. Considering the huge number of Chinese speakers, it is crucial to approach UI localization to Chinese with due respect and consideration. As Chinese, Korean, and

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14 Reasons to Have Professional Translation Company Localize Your Software Or App

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.  If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”  Warren Buffett    Consider outsourcing your software translation to a professional translation company. If you’ve ever been tempted to use an in-house or machine translator to localize your software, think about the following advantages of outsourcing to a professional translation

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UI Localization to Russian

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW FOR A SUCCESSFUL UI LOCALIZATION TO RUSSIAN Some time ago, Art One received a project involving software localization to Russian, English strings (segments of code) needed to be translated and localized for Russia. The client wrote their code using short text blocks. By combining these blocks, they could build sentences and commands. They were confident

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UI Localization into Romance Languages

HOW TO AVOID COSTLY MISTAKES WITH UI LOCALIZATION INTO ROMANCE LANGUAGES Following our first article on general issues with UI localization, we have chosen to begin this series with UI localization into Romance languages, largely because this language family—which includes Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Italian—encompasses nearly a billion native speakers. Speakers of Romance Languages in the World Software Localization to

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UI Localization: Best Practices for Successful UI Localization

Listen to this article now:   Best Practices for Successful UI Localization UI localization is one of the fastest ways to achieve sales goals for software companies tapping into new global markets and aiming to grow internationally. In 2020, the research firm App Annie reported that emerging markets such as Brazil, India, and Indonesia drove year-over-year app downloads growth.
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