All You Need to Know About Subtitles and Captions

Demand for Subtitles and Captions Is Up. Here’s Why These days, we can watch content nearly anywhere. We might catch up with a favourite TV series while on a long airline flight or watch a work seminar from a hotel room while on a business trip. As where and when we consume our content evolves, so does how we watch.

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Why Training Materials Translation Boosts Revenue Generation

Many companies often perceive translation as a cost center. But the reality is different: when you translate user-facing training materials, you can actually increase your company’s revenue. In this article, we will explore three key goals that training materials translation can help you achieve. Then we will go further into how training materials translation benefits a variety of industries.  What

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5 Ways Localization Will Help Your Company Grow Internationally

Localize Tech Company Products to Expand to International Markets And Grow Your Business Faster There has never been a better time to grow your business internationally than now—especially if you are a successful SaaS, tech, or telecom company here in North America. As new markets emerge, the right localization play can be a game-changer for your company for these reasons:

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RFP Translation for Winning Proposals

In today’s global marketplace, your company can participate in competitive bidding processes worldwide. But when responding to a request for proposal (RFP) from a company in another country, you need to submit a compelling proposal that communicates clearly in their target language and avoids cultural pitfalls.  When responding to a request for proposal from a client who uses a different

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Your Software Localization Checklist

Localizing your software is a complex task and forgetting a step in the early stages can cause cost overruns or delays later in the project.


Why You Need to Localize L&D Content in 2022

Why You Need to Localize L&D Content in 2022 Companies are increasingly turning to eLearning to address skill gaps in the workplace and ensure that employees share the same goals. But in order to get the most out of their eLearning program, companies need to localize L&D content for employees around the world. When companies offer localized eLearning opportunities to

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5 Considerations of Localization Strategy for Global Expansion

Localization Strategy for Your International Growth If you have been thinking about expanding your business internationally, the decision to move overseas is both challenging and rewarding. Whether it has always been part of your long-term business plan or you are responding to a current international opportunity, there are critical considerations of localization strategy you need to make for your project

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How SaaS Localization Can Have a Positive Impact on Consumer Experience

Is your software ready for the global market? Will it work as well for a user in Germany or Argentina as it does for one in Canada? You are competing with over 25+ million software developers across the globe. A successful SaaS localization is critical to stay competitive in your target market. The world’s biggest brands have long understood that

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How Your Company Can Benefit from Voice Over Services in Multiple Languages

When we think about watching videos online, we often think about entertainment, from binge-watching Netflix to catching a stream on Twitch. But video plays an increasingly important role in other areas of business as well, and for good reason: a HubSpot study showed that people are more likely to focus while watching a video—but when offered the same content in

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How Would Reaching an Extra 60M People Impact Your Business

Consider adding a Spanish translation of your software or app. Is your software available in Spanish? If you could reach 60M, extra potential customers, in the USA simply by adding Spanish language to your software and documentation, what would that do for your sales? 18.5% of the US population, or 60.6 million people, is of Hispanic or Latino origin (2020

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