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Beginner’s Guide to Ordering Transcription

Are you looking for transcription services?  Do you need a transcription of your business meeting, presentation, or a learning seminar? Or perhaps a conference call or a lecture, focus group, or interview? Or maybe you need to create subtitles or a voiceover for a foreign language video, and don’t know where to start?  Professional, high-quality, accurate transcription of your audio

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UI Localization: Best Practices for Successful UI Localization

Best Practices for Successful UI Localization UI localization is one of the fastest ways to achieve sales goals for software companies tapping into new global markets and aiming to grow in 2021 and beyond. In 2020, the research firm App Annie reported that emerging markets such as Brazil, India, and Indonesia were the ones driving year-over-year growth in app downloads.
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5 Key Factors of Successful eLearning Translation

New markets mean new challenges. If your company needs to train customers in Germany and Austria on how to use your equipment, translating your eLearning platform into their native language will build their confidence—and save you time and money when it comes to dealing with customer concerns. Likewise, if you want to ensure that the employees in your new field
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6 Reasons to Have Professional Translation Company Localize Your Software or App

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” Warren Buffett Consider outsourcing your software translation to a professional translation company. If you’ve ever been tempted to use an in-house or machine translator to localize your software, think about the following advantages of outsourcing to a

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5 Important Considerations for Launching Software in a Foreign Market

Software localization practices to help you better prepare for successful launch of your software in foreign markets. Thousands of dollars and man hours have been spent researching, developing, strategizing, prototyping, testing, and tweaking the software, and it has successfully launched in the local market. Having assessed the potential returns on investment, your company is ready to transition to the global

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Ever Thought of the Value of Bilingual Website?

We can help you create a bilingual website! We can help you create a bilingual website! Graphic Source : www.caliber.com Data Source: 2011 Census – Map by Maptitude Are you thinking of a bilingual website? We can help! Most businesses develop their websites as a way to promote their business, to advertise their latest information, to showcase products, and to

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