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How Tech Companies Can Translate eLearning Content to Improve User Experience

Listen to this article now.   Whether your company is first-to-market in a new language, or you are looking to increase your market share, translating your customer-facing eLearning content can have huge benefits. That might include articles in your knowledge base, onboarding emails for new customers, or even certification exams and related study material. This article will discuss why choosing

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Why Training Materials Translation Boosts Revenue Generation

Many companies often perceive translation as a cost center. But the reality is different: when you translate user-facing training materials, you can actually increase your company’s revenue. In this article, we will explore three key goals that training materials translation can help you achieve. Then we will go further into how training materials translation benefits a variety of industries.  What

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Why You Need to Localize L&D Content

Why You Need to Localize L&D Content Companies are increasingly turning to eLearning to address skill gaps in the workplace and ensure that employees share the same goals. But in order to get the most out of their eLearning program, companies need to localize L&D content for employees around the world. When companies offer localized eLearning opportunities to team members

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5 Key Factors of Successful eLearning Translation

New markets mean new challenges. If your company needs to train customers in Germany and Austria on how to use your equipment, translating your eLearning platform into their native language will build their confidence—and save you time and money when it comes to dealing with customer concerns. Likewise, if you want to ensure that the employees in your new field
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