Terminology Management: Your Shortcut to Faster, More Accurate Translations

What exactly is terminology management in translation? To understand the importance of terminology tools, let’s turn back the clock a few decades, before personal computers became a vital part of the translation industry. Imagine that you have a document you need to translate from German into English—a 60-page operating manual, for example. You fax (or mail) the manual to a

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Art One Translations Among Top Translation Companies

Art One Translations Named a Top Translation Company by Clutch for 2020 At Art One Translations, we help you enter foreign markets with confidence. Our team is experienced and reliable, offering you quality translation services that you can trust. Clutch recently announced the top 15 top translation companies on their site. This effort is part of Clutch’s Small Business Solidarity

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5 Key Factors of Successful eLearning Translation

New markets mean new challenges. If your company needs to train customers in Germany and Austria on how to use your equipment, translating your eLearning platform into their native language will build their confidence—and save you time and money when it comes to dealing with customer concerns. Likewise, if you want to ensure that the employees in your new field
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What You Need to Know to Better Prepare for Your Arabic Translation Project

The Middle East region has been a very promising market in the past years due to its significant economical development. Therefore, it presents a massive opportunity to businesses for market expansion. Arabic is a growing language spoken by an estimated 420 million people, mainly from the Middle East and parts of Africa. Addressing this audience in their native language is

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What You Need To Know Before Translating Your Technical Document To Spanish

Chances are that you landed on this page because you are considering or have decided to translate your technical documents to Spanish. You probably have to make critical decisions regarding how to do it best. Technical translation is one of the most underrated localization projects. No matter how time-consuming and challenging it might be, it counts when it comes to

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10 Things to Remember for Successful Technical Documentation Translation

Language is more than just a series of words. It connects people through common ideas, and translation is the magic ticket that helps it to cross foreign borders. Technical documentation translation takes the challenge to an entirely new level, demanding a degree of accuracy that few other niches require. That is further complicated by the need to find the correct

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Choosing a Translation Company: Is Bigger Really Better?

Or What Makes the Difference in the Quality of Translation Services Choosing a translation company for your project can be challenging, especially if you are unsure what to look for. It is especially true if you want to establish a good long-term partnership with a translation company for ongoing collaboration.   Have you ever heard a service company praising itself

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Is Machine Translation a Reality?

Machine translation (MT) is a hot topic these days. Computers and algorithms can produce better translation results than ever before. But what does this mean for the client who requires high-quality translations in a timely manner?  Advancing from Statistical Method Translation (SMT) to Neural Machine Translation (NMT)  A significant advance in automated translation dawned in 2016 when Google Translate adopted

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