How SaaS Localization Can Have a Positive Impact on Consumer Experience

Is your software ready for the global market? Will it work as well for a user in Germany or Argentina as it does for one in Canada? You are competing with over 25+ million software developers across the globe. A successful SaaS localization is critical to stay competitive in your target market. The world’s biggest brands have long understood that

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File Types and Technical Document Translation

Technical document translation encompasses much more than Word documents, PDFs, and even InDesign files. For example, complex technical documentation requires specific software packages. Programs like Adobe FrameMaker and MadCap Flare allow companies to create and format large and sophisticated documents such as instruction manuals, help files, and learning user guides.  These programs offer special features that standard word processors do not, such

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Technical Translation: Best Practices for Usability

Every document or application has both a target audience and a purpose. Usability is how we measure whether the target reader can use the document for its intended purpose. Let’s take an example from everyday life. If you purchase an electric pressure cooker and you have never used one before, you will need to read the user manual. If the

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The Return on Investment of Technical Translation Services

When companies begin planning their expansion into new markets, they quickly realize that technical translation is vital to their success. Accurate translation—delivered on-time and on budget—can make or break an expansion. In other words, an investment in technical translation services is an investment in the company’s future growth. But all too often, translation and localization are wrongly perceived as a
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How Your Company Can Benefit from Voice Over Services in Multiple Languages

When we think about watching videos online, we often think about entertainment, from binge-watching Netflix to catching a stream on Twitch. But video plays an increasingly important role in other areas of business as well, and for good reason: a HubSpot study showed that people are more likely to focus while watching a video—but when offered the same content in

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The High Cost of Inaccuracy in Translating Technical Texts

The High Cost of Inaccuracy in Translating Technical Texts (or What Can Go Wrong in Technical Translation) Inaccuracies when translating technical texts can lead directly to problems such as misuse of a device. But the initial error can also cause a domino effect that leads to a cascade of other problems, some of which may not be apparent right away.

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What Are CAT Tools and How They Are Different from Machine Translation

“Language is the source of misunderstandings.” Antoine de St. Exupery, The Little Prince   In our daily work, we often see our clients confusing CAT tools with machine translation, so in this article, we would like to explain what exactly CAT tools are and how they are different from machine translation. Let’s first look at machine translation. What is Machine

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Why Technical Documentation Translation Services Still Rely On Human Translators

If you pay attention to news from the translation and localization world, you are undoubtedly aware that machine translation has become increasingly sophisticated in the past few years.  Using machine translation (MT) for technical documentation translation might sound appealing. After all, technical documentation translation services can be costly: documents are often long, they require specialized translators, and they may need

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Do You Speak Canadian, Eh?

Canadians speak like Americans and write like the Brits. Canadian English is a blend of these influences, along with indigenous vocabulary and internet pronunciations.  Canadian English has a lot of similarities with British English and American English. Even so, many Canadian sounds come off as strange to Americans and Brits. Canadian English has been the product of many waves of

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How Would Reaching an Extra 60M People Impact Your Business

Consider adding a Spanish translation of your software or app. Is your software available in Spanish? If you could reach 60M, extra potential customers, in the USA simply by adding Spanish language to your software and documentation, what would that do for your sales? 18.5% of the US population, or 60.6 million people, is of Hispanic or Latino origin (2020

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