Q&As of Accessibility Compliance Testing

Understanding Accessibility Compliance Testing Accessibility, as defined by the Web Accessibility Initiative, means that “websites, tools, and technologies are designed and developed so that people with disabilities can use them.” Increasingly, governments require that websites be accessible, and there are penalties for non-compliance.  Accessibility compliance testing is the process of ensuring that your website meets the standards in place for

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Translation Services for Nonprofits

Translation Services for Nonprofits: Understanding Your Challenges Many nonprofit organizations serve a diverse population, including individuals who have limited or no English language skills.  For those organizations, high-quality translated materials are key when it comes to serving their target population. For a healthcare clinic in British Columbia, that might mean translating brochures and intake forms into Punjabi and Tagalog. For

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How to Get the Most Value from Your Translation Partner

The Benefits of Translation as a Facilitator of Global Communication The translation is often perceived as a cost centre. Instead, we encourage you to think of it as an investment in your growth, much like graphic design or social media marketing. A study of Fortune 500 companies found that those who increased their translation budget were 1.5 times more likely
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5 Ways Localization Will Help Your Company Grow Internationally

Localize Tech Company Products to Expand to International Markets And Grow Your Business Faster There has never been a better time to grow your business internationally than now—especially if you are a successful SaaS, tech, or telecom company here in North America. As new markets emerge, the right localization play can be a game-changer for your company for these reasons:

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The Why and How of Technical Manual Translation

Why Technical Manual Translation Is So Important Listen to this article now:   Technical manuals explain to the reader how to use a product or software program. Even a product as straightforward as a toaster is accompanied by a manual that explains how to use it and troubleshoot issues. In some cases (like a toaster), the reader is likely to

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Translation Rates and How to Reduce the Cost of Translation in 2023

Translation can be a powerful investment in your business, generating significant ROI. However, decision-makers tend to view it as a cost center. To win approval for key translation projects, you need to understand how translation rates are determined, what factors go into pricing a project, and how you can make smart decisions that keep translation costs at a minimum. How

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RFP Translation for Winning Proposals

In today’s global marketplace, your company can participate in competitive bidding processes worldwide. But when responding to a request for proposal (RFP) from a company in another country, you need to submit a compelling proposal that communicates clearly in their target language and avoids cultural pitfalls.  When responding to a request for proposal from a client who uses a different

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Industries That Need Professional Technical Translation Services

In this article, we will examine several industries that benefit from professional technical translation services, as well as the types of documents that technical translators often handle.


Your Software Localization Checklist

Localizing your software is a complex task and forgetting a step in the early stages can cause cost overruns or delays later in the project.


7 Ways Software Testing Improves Usability and Inclusivity

Behind every successful software localization project is a strong QA team that performs software testing. Testing ensures that translated applications appear correctly in the target language. It also ensures that the user experience remains the same in terms of look and feel. We recommend building a multi-language software testing step into your process during a localization project after translation is

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