RFP Translation for Winning Proposals

In today’s global marketplace, your company can participate in competitive bidding processes worldwide. But when responding to a request for proposal (RFP) from a company in another country, you need to submit a compelling proposal that communicates clearly in their target language and avoids cultural pitfalls.  When responding to a request for proposal from a client who uses a different

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Industries That Need Professional Technical Translation Services

In this article, we will examine several industries that benefit from professional technical translation services, as well as the types of documents that technical translators often handle.


Your Software Localization Checklist

Localizing your software is a complex task and forgetting a step in the early stages can cause cost overruns or delays later in the project.


7 Ways Software Testing Improves Usability and Inclusivity

Behind every successful software localization project is a strong QA team that performs software testing. Testing ensures that translated applications appear correctly in the target language. It also ensures that the user experience remains the same in terms of look and feel. We recommend building a multi-language software testing step into your process during a localization project after translation is

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Why You Need to Localize L&D Content in 2022

Why You Need to Localize L&D Content in 2022 Companies are increasingly turning to eLearning to address skill gaps in the workplace and ensure that employees share the same goals. But in order to get the most out of their eLearning program, companies need to localize L&D content for employees around the world. When companies offer localized eLearning opportunities to

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5 Considerations of Localization Strategy for Global Expansion

Localization Strategy for Your International Growth If you have been thinking about expanding your business internationally, the decision to move overseas is both challenging and rewarding. Whether it has always been part of your long-term business plan or you are responding to a current international opportunity, there are critical considerations of localization strategy you need to make for your project

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Clutch Crowns Art One Translations as 2021 Leading Global Translation Company

Leading Translation Services Provider Located in the heart of Vancouver, Canada, Art One Translations is known for its commitment to providing accurate, efficient, and reliable technical translations and localization solutions for technology, engineering, and manufacturing companies, as well as businesses from all walks of life.  What sets us apart from other teams is our deep cultural understanding that helps our

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Your Guide to Creating a Glossary for Technical Translation

When growing your business involves entering new markets, how you manage terminology across multiple languages becomes critically important. Accurate and credible translations represent a competitive advantage in today’s market. This is especially so for technical translation.  What would happen if your translated material was inconsistent? How can you make sure your brand’s voice isn’t diluted or drowned out? How can

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How SaaS Localization Can Have a Positive Impact on Consumer Experience

Is your software ready for the global market? Will it work as well for a user in Germany or Argentina as it does for one in Canada? You are competing with over 25+ million software developers across the globe. A successful SaaS localization is critical to stay competitive in your target market. The world’s biggest brands have long understood that

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File Types and Technical Document Translation

Technical document translation encompasses much more than Word documents, PDFs, and even InDesign files. For example, complex technical documentation requires specific software packages. Programs like Adobe FrameMaker and MadCap Flare allow companies to create and format large and sophisticated documents such as instruction manuals, help files, and learning user guides.  These programs offer special features that standard word processors do not, such

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