“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. 

If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” 

Warren Buffett 


Consider outsourcing your software translation to a professional translation company. If you’ve ever been tempted to use an in-house or machine translator to localize your software, think about the following advantages of outsourcing to a professional translation company. 

  1. Harness Quality Control and Review Procedures Offered by a Professional Translation Company

Automatic translation tools can be error-prone, as you have probably seen at some point. Also, they often struggle with linguistic variations, such as slang, technical jargon, and abbreviations that are ever popular in the English language. 

In contrast, professional translators know when to translate words [or “text”] and when to translate cultural contexts. In essence, they can fully localize the text and avoid embarrassing situations brought about by significant differences in culture.

  1. Establish Credibility by Partnering with a Professional Translation Company

When you work with an outsourced professional translation company, you get the expertise of professionals trained specifically in translation. In other words, you can tap into a wealth of experience and resources that you do not have in-house. 

Having already been through it all, professionals have developed a formula for best practices and are ready to share that knowledge with you to create a better product.

  1. Don’t Break the Budget – Resources and Dollars

It is more cost-effective to hire a professional translation company. The initial expense of outsourcing might be higher but consider what you could be saving in terms of time and resources.

Hiring internal teams involves a lengthy process of interviews, recruiting, and training. It is a costly undertaking that may require you to invest in specialized tools and have someone on the payroll who may lack project-specific skills. 

We have worked with many software professionals, and we have learned that a client’s time and energy are just as precious as their budget.

Given the varying requirements of localization, it makes sense to outsource it to professionals on a project-by-project basis. This will save you a lot of time, money, and energy in a long run.

  1. Maintain Quality and Consistency with Memory Tools

Picture your company’s needs two years from now when you have to launch an upgrade to your app. Will you rely on the memory of the guy who used to work on the translation desk? It will be much more practical to rely on a sophisticated translation memory database that a professional translation company puts together specifically for your organization.

CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tools with built-in translation memories can keep costs down and achieve an invaluable level of consistency that Ted from Translation can’t. 

Professional translation company streamlines the translation process by storing translated text for future use. In other words, every future edit, text rewrite, punctuation change, and spacing change can be consistently and conveniently reproduced. Further, a professional translation company usually employs multiple professional CAT tools and will be able to choose the one that best suitable for your specific needs.

  1. Confidence to Focus on New Business with Scalability and Language Diversity

As projects come up and you need to hit the ground running, outsourcing to a professional translation company gives you the flexibility and confidence to go after that new business without juggling resources and interrupting core business flow. 

In this scenario, sales are not limited by the availability of translation resources. Professional translation services company works to help you confidently win contracts over your competitors by offering a diversity of languages and services, and a quick turnaround time of a reliable partner for all your localization needs.

  1. Simplified Logistics — Bringing Together and Communicating with Translators

In many software companies, managers have multiple responsibilities and do not have the time or know-how to coordinate a team of language experts. How do you go about finding translators? How do you ensure quality control

Even synchronizing business hours and communicating across time zones is a challenge. You are busy running a business, so let your professional translation services company be the ones to stay up all night if need be, so that you focus on what you do best.

  1. A Head-start in Marketing

professional translation company Vancouver

You have just built a fantastic app, and it is time to share it with the world. You will quickly learn that people want personalized and relevant experiences. Across the globe, populations and markets are driven by different tastes and consumption patterns.

A professional translation company can help you make the right impression on global audiences. That is done by tailored translation and multimedia adaptations. So, this means translation that goes beyond text to include colours, graphics, tone of voice, and styles among many other cultural nuances.

  1. Highly Professional and Thorough Translation Services

Let’s say you have innovative business software that you want to market in Asia. A technical translation company can help you make the app locally accessible, tested, and improved in the local languages.

The localization service will include customizing the user interface by translating graphics, symbols, colours, and text. Next, there is the translation of Help files, accompanying documentation, user agreement, and everything in between to ensure that the software is fully available to the users in your target market. The thorough QA process helps in consistency and accuracy across all your app’s elements.

  1. Ability to Do More and Meet Deadlines

App launches are times of tremendous pressure and stress. Missed deadlines mean missed opportunities, but with a professional translation team, that does not have to happen.

When you entrust an experienced global team of translators to localize your app, speed and efficiency are guaranteed. Your work is handled by professional in-country translators who are language experts that have extensive knowledge and experience. The speed and accuracy with which this work gets done in a professional translation company can help you meet your expansion goals and keep your investors happy.

  1. Translation Done by the Book

A professional translation company employs the best talent. Teams are carefully chosen based on both linguistic and technical proficiency. This does not just save you from the costs and time of hiring. It also guarantees that your work is done to the highest quality standards.

Professionals work with a guideline of ethics and in observance with industry best practices. You have an advantage here—it gives you peace of mind on issues such as confidentiality, professionalism, intellectual property, cyber security and objectivity.

Put another way, a professional translation services company handles the projects with your interest at heart. Their team is committed to safeguarding your data and materials from prying eyes. They are dedicated to delivering their very best in each project. Finally, they do the work without individual influence and bias.

  1. Keeping Up with the Times

Language and culture are not static, and so they tend to change over time. If you target your application to a given community globally, it is best to stay on top of these trends.

One of the most significant advantages of partnering with a professional translation company is the freshness of context and conventions. Professional translation services are well aware of language, culture, and consumption patterns and trends, and are a valuable source of guidance. For the clients, this means to appeal to the target audiences, and even to be perceived as locals if needed.

  1. You Get the Advantage of a Professional Translation Company’s Well-Established Work Processes

Professional translation services

In a professional translation services company, there is a lot of planning and division of responsibilities across the project. For instance, your multimedia localization project for a software video demo might require transcribers, translators, editors, proofreaders, voice-over artists, multimedia engineers, project managers… not to mention software and hardware, CAT and translation management tools, fully equipped multimedia studio, etc. 

Can you handle all this in-house? Partnering with professional translation services rewards you with seamless, thorough, and timely services.

Things are checked and double-checked. In contrast to internal translation teams, an outsourced professional translation services company has a well-established process for reviewing and perfecting projects before submission. The localization process entails multiple steps for quality assurance. The outcome – perfectly localized and user-friendly apps.

  1. Using Technology the Right Way 

At times, businesses are tempted to use Google Translate or other online translation tools. There are many such machine translator tools today, and they may save you time and money—but only in the short run.

In the long run, life becomes more complicated. Language is not localized, and the translated text does not align with culture and context. Not only that, but you will not have the benefit of Translation Memories and other valuable resources utilized by professional translation services. Your entire business plan may fail because of improper use of translation software.

But we are not saying they are all bad. Professional machine translation engines are widely used by professional translation services nowadays, but those are the solutions specifically designed for professional translation services providers. You most likely do not have access to these expensive professional tools. 

The machine translation works only when used properly, i.e., in a combination with human editing, known in the industry as MTPE (Machine Translation Post Editing) or PEMT (Post Editing Machine Translation). 

Keep in mind that not all texts (and not all language combinations) can be equally translated using machine translation. The machines unlike humans do not know the intended audience or sub meanings of a marketing text for example. The machine might also mistranslate GUI as these often lack context. Such texts are best translated by human professional translators who can understand the context and cultural nuances. 

Professional translators, unlike machine translators, translate to a correct and precise language suitable for the targeted customer.

  1. A Professional Translation Company is Your Growth Partners, You Can Depend On

In a translation service company, there are multilingual teams with different skills and knowledge who work exclusively in the area of their specialization. These experts can help with software localization for a new market. That means that you can still work with the same company for your new projects.

In line with your expansion plans, you can add projects in different languages down the road. Professional translation services company will put their extensive skills and knowledge of different languages and markets to good use. In the process, working with a professional translation services company will result in significant time and money savings.

They will be there for you when you need them during your re-branding. They will help maintain the consistency, quality, and accuracy of your messaging and assure positive user experiences. The advantage for you is constant growth and prevention of communication blunders that often result in massive losses.

Art One Translations is a highly professional translation company and a two-times winner of a top translation services award, that has been helping clients for over a decade to leverage the success of their software and app in new markets.

We use the latest tools, standards, and best practices combined with the utmost professionalism and skilful execution to bring together a team of highly professional translators and localization experts that speak to your customers on a deeper level. 

Our proven methodology and a three-step quality assurance process guarantee accuracy, consistency, and speed. With the help of the latest Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools, we create Translation Memories, Glossaries, and term bases that will help you get your product to market in weeks and on budget.

Contact us today to discuss the requirements of your localization project and how we can help.

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