At Art One Translations we take pride in our linguists, many of whom have graduate or post-graduate degrees, are members of professional translators associations and have a long-term proven record of top-notch translations.

Our translators work only in their area of expertise in which they have extensive experience, are proficient writers in their translations’ target language, which is also their mother tongue. Moreover, they are not only bilingual, but also bicultural, allowing them to localize translated materials for the specific market they are intended for.

You can rest assured that your project will be handled by professionals who have a thorough understanding of your industry-specific terminology and can precisely convey the meaning of your text in their native tongue.

Living and working all over the globe, our linguists are committed to meeting your industry-specific and cultural translation requirements and providing superior service to clients, as what we all have in common is a passion for languages and determination to continuously improve our services.